Application Management

Swaves Global has not just promised but has successfully delivered the Application Management to their clients, even in the harsh environment. The application of the end users is also delivered in devices running on multiple operating system. To add onto this, our experts have taken a good care of working seamlessly as well as intuitively for the customers. Our experts work with the perfect combination of experience and tools to pack and distribute the applications automatically.

Benefits :

  •  Costs controlling
  •  Reduce Labor Costs
  •  Trained, Experienced, Qualified, Certified.
  •  Increase Efficiency and Competitiveness.
  •  Stay Focused on Core Business.
  •  Reduce risk.

Wearable Devices

Wearable devices are not new to the market but they are pacing a bit quicker than expected. Their class, use and dependency on them is probably increasing a lot. These devices bring in not just access to data live but also a high amount of mobility. This has changed the ways of working and has provided all the important updates with the evolving time. There is a great variety in all these devices ranging from chest pieces to wrist bands, heart sensors to calorie burners. These devices allow the wearer to roam freely wherever they want and see the changes in their body.

     Steps        Distance traveled        Floors climbed        Heart rate        Fitness score        Workout routes and pace        Calories burned        GPS location        Diabetes risk        Fertility        Sun exposure


  •  Accuracy
  •  Value for Money
  •  Durability
  •  Compact
  •  Long-Term User Engagement
  •  Self-monitoring
  •  Awareness about your operating levels
  •  Monitoring your heart rate
  •  Health compared to averages
  •  Track activities
  •  Streamlined data collection process

Multi Screen Development

The multi-screen development has allowed the organizations to work and check their worksimultaneously. People are more active on mobiles than PCs so the customers have now started being curious as to how their website would look in the smaller screens. The clients have no interest in sliding through the content in order to read it completely. Later to this, they also don’t want their customers to struggle in opening the home page or the navigation pages. All they want is for their website to work on which ever screen they use.