Security Audit

Security audit is the evaluation of the security of the company’s systems of information. This is measured by a set of criteria that are already established. But an audit that requires a thorough checking typically assess the security of the systems of the organization.

Using Audit tools to gather data from the various systems that a business organization using to carry out their digital everyday tasks. Once the audit complete, all data carried out will conclude by putting together an in-depth report that covers the aspects where the infrastructure is strong and where it’s not.

Security Audit Criteria:
  •  Policy Based
  •  Examines site methodology and practices
  •  Dynamic
  •  Communication
Types of Security Audit:
  •  Host
  •  Firewall
  •  Network
  •  It evaluates the flow of data
  •  Identifies vulnerable points and problem areas
  •  Determines whether you must alter security policies or not
  •  Delivers an in-depth analysis of your internal and external system